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Charred wood for diorama

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Luc Po

Charred wood for diorama sbs
This is a tutorial for creating a charred look on wood for dioramas little tutorial Step by step by the modeller Luc Po
English language     00:09    02..04.2020
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Step 1 - Small pieces of basswood are quick to burn and the charcoal effect can not be created in smaller scales by burning with fire. The flame is only used here to create an accurate profile of the burnt board.

Step 2 - After the edge is burnt, the standard weathering of basswood is applied. First, the basswood is given texture using various tools. Extra wood is removed from the area to be 'burnt'.

Step 3 - The wood is then dipped in a mix of black ink and isopropyl alcohol to stain it a grey colour and give an aged look.

Foto 4 - Using a crackle paint, a thick layer is applied to the 'burnt' area. In this case, AK Interactive crackle paint is used and tinted with black pigment, but there are other brands of crackle paint available as well. I found that tinting the crackle paint with other paints can interfere with the crackle effect, so only dry pigments were used to add colour.

Foto 5 - After being allow to dry, the crackle effect is evident. Do not dry with a hairdryer as the accelerated drying time interferes with the effect.

Step 6 - The dark painted area is blended with the rest of the wood using black and dust coloured pigments applied with a brush.

Step 7 - Finally, the individual crackle effects are highlighted with steel pigment or powdered graphite. A silicone brush allows for accurate placement of the pigments without overdoing it.


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