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Ferrari sf70H

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Ferrari SF70H scale 1:20 Tamiya
Scritto da Shaun Hood
Italian version    21:41    26.03.2020
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Box art is typical Tamiya of late with a picture of the car and sprues

All squished in nicely

Tyres seem to be good with the addition of a screw driver like some of the 90s kits with that little wrench.

Most of the front end body parts. Like I've said before still not 100% happy with the way the main body goes together but I will hold back before fully writing it off until I've made it.

Rear body parts and wings. With the way the front wing is moulded I can see s27 coming in with updated versions in the not too distant future.

Most of the wing parts moulded in white for ease of painting

Suspension elements and wheels. Nothing too fancy and from what I've seen just pop into where they need to go.

Floor and last few other bits like hubs and what not. Again can see massive scope here for s27 to come in and improve.

Booklet feels very redbull rb6 like

Showing the way the front body work goes together

So now to the screw driver. The body attaches to the floor with little screws, very clever way but can see some ways to improve also

Decals are of usual Tamiya quality. So happy they included carbon effect decals. Would have been nice to have all 3 tyre option decals for the race in Australia (which this car depicts) but they are not too hard to find these days.



Proposto da
Shaun Hood

Kit: Ferrari SF70H
Scala: 1/20
Stampo: Tamiya
Prezzo: 54,95 € (Spotmodel)
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