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green grass

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Jorge Porto Del Corral

Green grass
How to apply snow between the leaves of grass
Small step by step with the method that I apply to place the snow between the leaves of grass

1.- Over a base done with Das Pronto, I apply the base color of a 1:1 mixture of "A.MIG-0021 7K RUSSIAN TAN" and "A.MIG-0043 SHADOW RUST"

2.- I apply several layers of "A.MIG-0030 SAND-YELLOW" for volume

3.- For the shadows, I add "A.MIG-0043 SHADOW RUST" to the base color

4.- On one side of the base, I attach a piece cut from a sheet of modern lawn, and on the other side, clumps of grass from the brand Miniatur. A mix of 80 percent white glue to 20 percent water is used to attach the grass

5.- I paint the grass with a base of "A.MIG-0065 FOREST GREEN" in several thin layers so I can keep working, and also to avoid having the individual blades of grass clump together.

6.- I Add “A.MIG-0048 YELLOW” to the base color to create highlights. I apply the paint at a perpendicular angle, varying the angle a bit as I go, and keep the highlights focused on the tips of the grass only

7.- …and this is the result

8. Randomly apply LANDS101/2 NIEVE EN POLVO from the snow set

9. With the tip of a drybrush, I distribute any excessive accumulation

10. I mix white glue and water (40% white glue - 60% water)

11. Using a pipette I place the tip on the surface and spread, by capillary action, the white glue mix

12. 15 minutes later, while the snow is wet, spread small amounts of LANDS101/3 NIEVE PRIMAVERA to give a little more volume and texture to the layer of snow

13. I wait 8 hours for the mixture of white glue and snow to dry, and remove excess snow that hasn’t bonded. I repeat the above steps in those areas where I want to give more volume.

.... The completed terrain

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