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Hollywood Style Explosions

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A short Tutorial on over the top, Hollywood style explosion markers for your games or battle reports This tutorial in no way reflects real life and incoming shell noises are discretionary choice ' are a discretionary choice'
Hollywood Style Explosions
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English Language   18:46    30.04.2020
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Basic tools and materials include hot glue gun; scissors, some bases 20-25 mm and suitable metal washers to weigh them down a bit; soft toy stuffing (acrylic) tweezers; bits of foam core or other lightweight bits and cheap spray paint - yellow,red and matt black .

Pluck small lots of stuffing and taper one end of the piece. Wetting your fingers with some water will assist this process.

Fire up your glue gun (using all appropriate safety precautions) and glue some larger pieces down on your base (with the washer already glued to it)

Now add more pieces by adding a drop of glue to the base and placing into a position with your tweezers (or fingers if you don't mind getting burnt)

Add as many pieces as desired.... a few smaller ones look good..... try not to be too uniform with your placement to represent the random pieces exploding out.

Now add your previously prepared bits of debris. This must be lightweight ; foamcore , the denser polystyrene and bits of card also work

After all the debris has been added its ready to paint. Note on the debris; try not make it too large or it will 'wilt' after the paint is added.

Initially spray with yellow then followed by a bit of red on the tips then a touch of black near the debris. After you have sprayed your marker, dab a bit of acrylic bright yellow towards the center of it, for a bit more detail. Also paint the debris bits black or dark grey.

You can also experiment with the sizes or add a more smokey look to your marker as required.

A Soviet A-19 takes a direct hit with a round!

An artillery barrage falls on advancing troops

A close up shot

Incoming barrage on the hill

IS 2 takes a hit from a concealed 88

Battlefield littered with wrecks

And you can take away your explosive marker and add the 'It's on Fire ' marker

T34 burns



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